How Long Should You Wait To Color Your Hair After Swimming?

The wait time isn’t as important as removing chlorine and saltwater. Chlorine and saltwater will deter color pigments penetrating successfully in hair hindering accurate processing.

Pretty frustrating seeing unwanted color blotches and uneven color distribution. That’s what will happen my friend.

Signs of chlorine buildup are faintly greenish hair ends and an unnatural glow. Saltwater leaves a residue similar to chalk dust. While both will alter true color results, saltwater is easiest to remove.

Consider Together Or Separately Before Swimming:

1). Wear a swim cap.

2). Coat hairs with hair oil.

3). Keep your head above water.

Consider After Swimming:

1). Rinse hair immediately.

2). Shampoo as soon as opportunity presents itself.

3). Use a clarifying shampoo if regular shampoo doesn’t seem to remove salt or chlorine. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Follow with a conditioner to soothe hair ends.

Proceed with color services unless you have abrasions on scalp.


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