Is Hair Wax Bad For Your Hair? Which Is Better, Wax Or Hair Spray? Why?

The answer depends on your hair’s condition, what you want your hair to feel like, and what you want your hair to look like.

The condition of hair.
The condition of your hair answers the “bad” part of the question. Is your hair in good condition? If the condition starts off in a bad category you must look into products that will not contribute further damage and or have a haircut to rectify and remove the damage part.

Hair that is extremely damaged, dry and brittle will need to stay away from heavy hair sprays and heavy duty spraying of hair sprays. One of the first ingredients listed on the back of hair sprays is alcohol. Alcohol is not your friend if you are damaged.

Hair Spray
The main purpose of hair spray (light hold, flexible hold, strong hold or hard hold) is for holding hair in place for longer periods of time. Alcohol helps the style stay dry and stay controlled. Damaged hair will absorb the sprays in an unfavorable way resulting in more breakage and brittleness. If sprays are needed, use in moderation (the lightest formula) and remove as soon as possible to halt further damage.

The main purpose of hair wax (molding putty, pomade, texture cream, gel serums and many others) is for adding texture, shine, control and hold. It is a favorite for short to medium length styles. Damaged hair will benefit slight aesthetically if the hair needs shine. Wax can calm frizz, make a mohawk stand up, hold a ponytail in place, separate individual strands showing layers or showing highlights off.

Products in the wax family have ingredients listed first as water and listed second as an oil base ingredient.

Wax is malleable and touchable when applied lightly. As with both types of products moderation is key and removing them successfully out of the hair is more important. Each product mentioned can buildup on your hair leaving residues behind.

What do you want your hair to feel like?
A very important question to think about before making a selection. Waxes and sprays come in light and flexible formulas, choosing one of these formulas will be easiest to remove from your hair and less sticky to touch.

There are heavier formulas for both types but know the heavier the formula the more it will hold the hair down, make soiled and coat the hair strand. Heavier formulas are needed for styles which need stronger support.

What do you want your hair to look like?
I personally like a natural look with shine. Other’s may want the style to last for a few days. Duration, personal style, the condition of hair and durability determines the end result.


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