The Hair On The Sides And Back Of My Head Feel More Dense Than The top, Is This Normal?

This could be quite normal if others in your family (parents, siblings) have same hair pattern.

Here are a few things to consider:

1). Hairline hairs (perimeter hairs) are thin on everyone compared to the rest of hairs on our head.

2). If hairs on top of your head (the crown and interior hairs) are noticeably thin compared to sides and back—possibly a case of slow hair loss.

3). If you are experiencing bald spots (shiny circular spots without hair) this is not normal.

In any case of concern-check it out. Get a hairstyle/haircut that will enhance your features in meantime-this could be a perfect opportunity to try something different.

Remember hair will grow back as long as your hairs’ roots are nourished and alive.

Hope this helps, I am here to help you learn and correct more issues with your hair.




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