Dry Hair Attack: 7 Best Do It Yourself Home Therapies For Damaged and Dry Hair

Dry Hair Attack: 7 Best DIY Home Therapies

Have you ever wondered why some days your hair seems more dry and brittle compared to other days? Ugh, frustrating huh? Or why it struggles to retain moisture?

You are not alone if you are experiencing any of these hair issues but don’t sit idle do something about it. These signals you are receiving from hairs mean something. For instance if you’ve been sun worshipping more than usual expect your hairs to absorb sun rays resulting in scorched strands (a reason dark hair tints reddish orange after sitting in sun).

Now what, right?

Let’s explain deeper.  What is dry-damaged hair? Dry-damaged hair visually appears just as the words describe dry (free from moisture) and damaged (disfigured). When combined, little moisture and disfigured hairs cause trouble. To minimize visual characteristics of split ends and broken hairs consider giving your hair some therapy.

Below are 7 Best Do It Yourself Home Therapies For Dry And Damaged Hair.

1). Let It Shine-Enhance Natural Shine With Apple Cider Vinegar And A Cool Rinse

Dry Hair Attack: Apple Cider Vinegar

Hair is composed of protein and a real issue with dry damaged hairs are raised cuticles and exposed layers. Apple cider vinegar is a staple to consider because it helps flatten raise cuticles enhancing natural shine.  This remedy is not a cure all but you can count on it bringing out your natural shine each time it’s used.

Suggested Use: After cleansing and conditioning your hair, follow up with an apple cider vinegar polish. Achieve this polish by filling a spray water bottle with apple cider vinegar misting all hairs. Leave on a minimum of 2 minutes and follow with a cool rinse. Cool rinses, not cold, are beneficial because cool rinses help calm and close the cuticle (where frizz hangs out).

The Downside: A slight vinegar smell. Not a terrible issue at all, minimize this slight smell with your hair perfume of choice.

2). Calm The Cuticle With A Hair Tea Party

Dry Hair Attack: Tea

Dry hair is a result of raised cuticles whether from natural elements (sun, wind, cold) or chemicals, chamomile tea is your buddy. We respect it for its soothing properties. Just like when skin is chapped and chafed it hurts, although we can’t feel hair hurting we definitely can see the effects of hurting hair.

Suggested Use: Brew 1 to 3 chamomile tea bags in a cup of filtered water (if you have) and let cool. Mix brewed tea with plain yogurt or a conditioner of your choice. Apply to dry or wet hair. Leave on minimum of 20 minutes. Rinse until all signs of ingredients are removed.

The Downside: If all ingredients are not removed your hairs will have a thin-film on it. Eliminate all film by rinsing completely.

3). Mask It Up-Sooth Dry and Damaged Hair With Jojoba and Conditioner

Dry Hair Attack: Hair Mask

A favorite hair therapy of ours.  Jojoba is similar to natural sebum and natural sebum is made by our bodies. This is a winner because it mimics the behavior of oils secreted by the sebaceous glands.  New root hairs coated by sebum are shiny and the healthiest part of the hair strand leaving the mid-shaft to hair ends struggling for attention. A good jojoba ester (correct, it is not oil) helps hair retain moisture, preventing water loss. This prevention is a plus when the entire head of hair is strategically coated. So go ahead and mask your hair up.

Suggested Use: Mix a teaspoon of jojoba to a cup of conditioner. Stir until all ingredients are mixed consistently and fully. Apply to clean, towel dried damp hair and leave on a minimum of 20 minutes. Rinse. Detangle and style as usual.

The Downside: Fine, thin hairs will not have same results. This hair type works best using Marula Oil instead of Jojoba.

4). Snip. Snip. Scissors Are Your Mane’s Friend.

Dry Hair Attack: Scissors

Scissors are your friend when it comes to eliminating dry and damage hair. Don’t be afraid of this step, not only does it rid of ugly hair ends but allows for polished trimmed hair ends snipping all or most of damaged hair away. What we fail to understand with this step–if hair doesn’t improve the slightest bit with other therapies–a haircut is the cure all. Try it. Let your sexy come through with a new haircut and style.


  • A blunt haircut with clean solid ends cleans up splits making hair thicker. Split ends enhances thin areas.
  • A layered haircut alleviates ragged strands all over.

5). Oh Come On “Honey”

Dry Hair Attack: Honey

We like a good honey mixture added to your favorite hair oil. Straight honey applied to hair may force additional damage if product sticks to hair. So whip up a creamy-sweet humectant and make good with you hair. Honey is a good therapy for frizzy, dry hair along with a soothing hair oil. This therapy is an inexpensive temporary smoothing treatment.

Suggested Use: Blend 1 part honey with 4 parts oil (try sunflower oil or of your liking). Apply to dry hair. Leave on a minimum of 10 minutes. Follow up with a shampoo and conditioner.

The Downside: If not removed property your hair will feel heavy to touch.

6). Soothe With Avocado And A Leftover Sweet Potato

Dry Hair Attack: Avocado

Yummy. Avocado decreases dryness improving hair texture while coating hair with shine. Thirsty strands are immediately moisturized easing tangles. Tangle free hair means happy strands. Happy strands means minimal breakage. This therapy is a must do. Rich in oleic acid and monounsaturated fatty acids, good fats go a long way soothing hair strands. So you might think, why all of this if hairs are dead? Simple, hair is for adornment and protection. Do your best to protect and support what you have.

Suggested Use: Combine a cooked sweet potato (a good source of pantothenic acid) and an avocado blending until ingredients are whipped to a creamy consistency. Apply to dry hair. Leave on a minimum of 20 minutes. Follow up with a shampoo and conditioner. Style as usual.

The downside: The mixture can be messy. Make sure ingredients are rinsed thoroughly. If not, ingredients can be cooked into hair during blow dry styling or using heated implements.

7). Attack With Hair Oils

Dry Hair Attack: Hair Oil

Every person should attack dry and damaged hair with hair oils. There’s a rule of thumb to follow, the coarser the hair-heavy oils (avocado, almond, etc) work best. The finer the hair-light oils (sunflower, marula, tsubaki, etc) work best. Hair oils are rich in vitamin E, omega 3’s and 6’s, retain moisture, seals cuticles, reduces frizz, protects. Go get your oils today.

Suggested Use: Use as a pre-shampoo agent to moisturize parched hair strands. Use as a styling aid and finisher.

The Downside: Picking the wrong oils for your hair type.

Start today and detox that dry and damage hair.

Here’s a bonus mask recipe I like from Dr. Axe, DIY Hair Mask with Lavender and Rosemary Oil for Healthy, Beautiful Hair.


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