Hair Loss: Why The Heck Isn’t My Shampoo Preventing My Hair Loss For Good?

Good hair loss question.  The answer is much deeper when determining true prevention and elimination of hair loss.  Yes, there are shampoos that will slow hair loss and slow chemical breakage but understanding root problems are most important.

When To Seek Help?

A thorough consultation is advised in order to understand what steps are needed to address the problem. So as soon as you notice differences such as changes in growth-thinning, tiny bald spots, excessive hair in your comb or brush, all are reasons to seek advice.

What Is Known So Far?

Contributing factors of hair loss are hormones, genetics, diet, anemia, swollen hair follicles, restricted nourishment to the hair’s root, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, alopecia, medication, strong chemical services and an array of other issues.

Hair loss can and will affect each individual differently with genetics being a strong contributor of baldness and thinning.

What I’ve noticed over many years observing scalps and stressed hair, the body signals when something is wrong below and above the scalp.

1). Alopecia And Hormones.

Androgenic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness) affects us emotionally and aesthetically.  This type of hair fall is inherited and the hair follicles are keenly sensitive to the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which shrinks hair follicles.

Individuals suffering from hormone related androgenic alopecia will experience thinning around the hairline with sometimes rapid thinning working its way to the crown.  This pattern of hair loss resembles the shape of a horseshoe. If you are noticing patches appearing see a dermatologist early.

2). Diet.

Is it true we are what we eat?  There’s validity to this question.  The body needs ample nutrition for sustainability and for performance.

Hair follicles can not sustain the hair’s life cycle if it is not supported by a balanced diet and a rich blood supply. The hair is made of protein called Keratin.  Diets rich in protein (beans, meat, fish, etc.) support regeneration of hair.

3). Anemia.

Low iron levels in the body can cause hair to thin.  Iron levels are checked when a medical professional performs blood tests. If anemia is the cause a doctor can help you understand hair loss and determine which direction you should turn.

4). Chemicals.

Strong chemical can irritate the scalp or enter through your pores making way to the hair’s root.  Either instance the products are too strong for you and the body is rejecting them.  In such cases, thinning occurs and in extreme instances balding may occur.  If you are noticing chemical reactions stop use.

5). Restricted Nourishment To The Hair’s Root.

Hair needs a rich supply of blood to keep the roots alive and nourished.  The body thrives when it’s aligned and working properly which includes a functioning bulb, papilla, and nourished blood vessels supporting healthy roots. It makes absolute sense why nourished roots would support and encourage continual growth.

What Can You Expect From A Hair Regenerating Shampoo? 

Shampoos slow hair loss and some products prescribed have the tendency to maintain hairs you currently have.  Shampoos will not be the answer if other issues are affecting productivity below the scalp.

There are topical solutions (systems) sold over the counter called Rogaine and Nioxin (please do your research and ask questions).  These solutions are to stimulate your roots and protect any other hair from falling. The results are not consistent person to person and there is a required dependency to notice a change.

So, let’s recap. Hair regenerating shampoos have abilities to slow hair fall. Take a few actions today with hair trims, lubricating hair strands when need fits and protecting what hair you already have will assist in better outcomes.


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