Why Do So Many African-American Women Wear Weaves, Wigs, Perms, Or Colored Hair?

This is a great question but I will answer it not as ethnicity but as hair. The 30 years practicing in the industry has changed my thinking and I don’t see hair as black or white or any color.

I see hair as kinky, curly, wavy, wiry and straight texture. From my view behind your head, each strand tells a story about ethnicity and no matter your genetic makeup someone is unhappy about texture, density, length, curl pattern, straightness, lack of life, dryness and lack of moment.

Yes, that includes a mass of people (all colors). My years in the beauty industry have unraveled many discoveries and secrets about hair conditions, hair loss, mold, smells, matted knots, bald edges, alopecia (bald spots), cancer patches, and scars leaving me searching for answers under wigs and hair pieces.

I’ve spent most of my career studying and understanding hair textures and wondering why individuals do what they do to hair (includes all genders, professionals and laymen). I’ve discussed topics like why hair relaxers leave dangerous chemical burns on the scalp (scabs and sores) to bleached on the scalp blondes’ (hair) melting at the sink to hair transplants to toupees. All individuals are attempting to understand what happened and attempting to find a solution to improve.

I don’t mind individuals wearing hair pieces or full wigs temporarily. I have concerns with the problems that go on underneath. For example, the scalp can not successfully breathe and many times impossible to clean when hair pieces or wigs are left on extensively. This can cause mold (yes, this is a breeding ground for bacteria). The hair underneath adopts a smell that is hard to rid of. Most don’t know about this issue because it becomes a part of you.

Hair loss is also a concern. It is vital to protect the hair underneath and the hair that has been incorporated into hair pieces. Hair that is sewn in, taped on, glued in, bonded on, braided or looped in will pull and tug on natural hair causing hair breakage. These methods will cause strain on the hair long term. No one should keep these styles in for months at a time without letting a professional or a friend inspect for issues I’ve mentioned.

Here’s a quick true story: A few years ago I combed out matted hair that rested under a full weave for months. The hair that fell out and broke off was a shocking amount. The individual pretended that it was fine because it always happens that way according to her but it is not fine. The hair life cycle can take a up to four years to replenish itself. We professionals have a responsibility to keep you informed and given the best options for your hair.

These are just a few concerns. There’s much to care about.

Hair suffers underneath. No hair texture is exempt from suffering if it is not cared for properly.

I am committed to you and your strands.


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