My Hair Is Mush From Heavy Highlights And I Am Angry With My Hairstylist. Will Olaplex Stop The Breakage?

It is unfortunate you are dealing with this and unfortunate chemical over processing is common with high lift chemical services. Should you be angry with your hairstylist? Hmmm. Manufacturer of products? Formulator? Trends? Wrong hair/color for service type? All could have added to problem but if your hair is mush you started off in a dangerous situation–wrong hair/color for service type.

Olaplex will slow breakage from a molecular level (inside of hair) but it will NOT stop breakage when hair has reach dangerous levels near melting (mush). Olaplex just can’t support nor fortify hair bonds, in this case the hair has reached a lose-lose status.

Hair at this stage is difficult to hold its bonds and chains of the hair structure together. Truth is you will continue to have splintering and breakage until you remove damaged parts.


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