The Top 4 Reasons SASS Is Great For Your Hair


1). SASS Completes 7 Hair Tasks With Just A Few Drops. Does Not Alter Hair Color.

SASS is that one product made to nurture the nature of any state your hair is in. A great product should smell amazing, be suitable for all hair types, be safe for chemically treated hair, leave hair silky smooth, cut drying time significantly, improve shine and be dependable, yet not overbearing. No longer do you need a slew of damaging hair products camped out under your sink to achieve great results. We captured 30 years of expertise in our bottles of SASS.

2). Delicate Scents In Hair Adds Extra Yum To Romance.

SASS is confidence in a bottle. Each time you use SASS you reconnect with your sensual attractiveness and sexuality. A few drops go a long way. As an NYC hairstylist framed it best, “My job is done when clients inhale the soft scents of SASS leaving the chair feeling more confident than ever and a wee bit saucy. I can see and feel the energy of my clients transform right before my eyes”. With SASS hair is a lot more than mere adorned and protected, hair suddenly becomes an expression of romance too.

3). The Body’s Natural Oil -Sebum- Is Somewhat Pungent.

Sebum is a natural and critical oil your body produces from its sebaceous glands to protect newly grown hair. When in working order, the hair life-cycle is in perfect harmony. A harmony best not disturbed. Yet, there is a downside to the variability of natural sebum, its smell combined with light scales and sweat becoming often somewhat pungent and unattractive. One should not aggressively remove or over-cleanse natural sebum nor is it good to douse the hair with heavy perfumes, yet instead, complement natural odors with delicately scented SASS, applied from mid-shaft to ends gently enhancing attractive smells.

4). Phew, Many Oils Stink.

Many oils have unpleasant scents, a scent you are forced to submit to for all occasions when you purchase a certain oil. Much like eating the same food every day. Many also smell too nutty or too medicinal or too “not you”. We then settle for stinky hair or mask unpleasant scents like King Louis the XIV of France would, smelling someone approaching before we see them, quite the opposite of sophisticated glamour and new-age pizzaz. Now, for the first time, with the many delicate scents of SASS Moroccan Argan Oil, you have the opportunity to remove the monotony from your life and swap old scents for new delicate fresh ones, the ones you prefer and suit your mood of the day.

The premise behind SASS is to reconnect with your senses and fall back in love with the sensuality of delicious smelling hair without removing natural pheromones.

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