How Do I Repair My Hair After Damage From Hair Extensions?

I hate when damage of any type happens. In this case you need to completely remove all extensions that are too heavy for your hair type. Most damage is done on fine to medium density hair—not because this type is good or bad but because the strand’s diameter is thinner by nature making it vulnerable to chemicals, extensions, pulling or tugging.

We suggest to:

  1. Access hair damage. If you’ve had extensive breakage or a massive amount of split ends you really won’t be able to fully access until extensions are out. On a level of 1–10, what is you damage level? Anything over a level 5 needs maintenance and repair.
  2. Determine if you can wear your natural hair immediately. Many times you can wear natural hair if the style changes. You can change your style with a curling iron (make waves), wear fun accessories or darken hair to give the appearance of shine.
  3. Get a haircut or hair trim. Haircuts will resolve issues and most time is the only way to go if you want true correction and repair. Damaged hair can not repair itself with temporary fixes. Temporary fixes provide relief by minimizing tangles and adding softness—the downside, it is temporary.

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