An Open Letter To Every Woman Who Gets So Tired Of Dealing With Hair Struggles

Dear Hair,

(Snippets of Hair Conversations From 7 Ladies That Many Can Connect With)

-I don’t know what to do with you at times and it bugs the hell out of me. Some nights I just don’t know how to sleep or better yet which way to sleep without one side being smushed in weird directions. Can I just wake up extra cute without flat ironing, twisting, re-wetting, curling or doing something adding 15 minutes on my morning?

-Oh hair, oh hair…why are pieces all over my bathroom floor? And filling my bathroom sink’s drain? All I’ve ever wanted was long, damaged free hair. I would treat you better if I knew how.

-My comb makes hair trouble. My shampoo makes hair trouble. Not enough conditioner makes hair trouble. Too long in humid weather makes hair trouble. Coloring my hair jet black and now craving high lights makes hair trouble. Ugh, can a girl not have hair trouble?

-I would love to make long-passionate love in the shower with my mate but “HELL, no”, let’s not add an additional hour attempting to calm frizz…shower cap please!

-Hair care IS important especially when I have dyed you and don’t want you to look dead, yet I want to look bomb as f#$k with the latest styles.

-I look at you in the mirror sometimes and I swear my haircut was even in week one but one side seems to take on jet speed growth and I always end up with an asymmetrical do. Could you tell both sides to communicate?

-Are you new hairs sprouting or new hairs breaking? Which one are you? I gave myself a lovely blow dry but what’s all these little pieces standing straight up at attention?


7 Cool Ladies


Dear 7 Cool Ladies,

On many levels I have been all of you….Breakage, swelling hair, over processed with chemicals, frustrated by humidity, afraid to comb, aggravated I couldn’t recreate the bomb look days in a row, shower cap please, and did I mention wondering if hair would grow on me as well as every type of hair. And here are things I discovered during my 7 year personal experiment “minimize things you do to hair from adolescence on, keep it well nourished and it will grow”. Nourished hair strands is key.

Love Your Strands,



Photo Credit: Instagram Influencer X_Har0_X



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