What mistakes do people tend to make when cutting their own hair?

Cutting your hair is easy. You just grab a pair of scissors and cut. Did you want it to look good? Well, that’s a different story.

The top 3 common mistakes made are:

1). Cutting bangs and fringe too short.

It’s an honest mistake. Most people don’t realize hairline hair has a tendency to spring up instead of remaining flat. Oops!

2). Creating a straight blunt line.

It’s impossible to do yourself if you can’t remove your arms. Heck, it’s not easy for us professionals either. A subtle shift in how the head is held will cause a slant and if you’re not careful your cut will slant if you don’t adjust.

3). Symmetry.

Ears and shoulders require additional balancing. A common problem with ears are they are an attached extension prohibiting hair from remaining flat. If you ever hear a stylist say, “sit up straight with your feet flat” it’s because shoulders tend to slouch or tense up causing an uneven cut.

Overall, giving yourself a perfect hair cut is not easy.


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