Our Top 4 Improvements To SASS Everyday Hair Elixir

The Top 4 Improvements To SASS Everyday Hair Elixir

How many times have you stood staring at haircare aisles wondering which products to buy or better yet what’s in them? 

Well, I did just that…I stood staring too. 

I watched you hold products, sniff them, stand back glancing at them, pick them up, put them down puzzled, glimpse titles looking for buzz words trying to make sense of it all.

Exhausting, right?

After many moments of observing haircare aisles after aisles I broke my silence to engage and to hear what puzzled you. 

A kind, patient shopper allowed me to drill her for 30 minutes and here is a summation of what she said “I want a haircare company who cares about me and what I put on my hair. I want to be able to use it on myself and my child if I like. I want to use it if I was pregnant and after having my babies. I want it to work and I want to be able to read the ingredients”. 

One by one consumers shared their stories.

So, we heard you and saw your frustrations.

Our newest launch of SASS Everyday Hair Elixir meets hair right where you need it – in its purest form with love, vitamins and our best ingredients.

Our top 4 updates to our SASS Haircare Line:

1). We Removed Pigments.

– Initially we used pigments as a sure way to associate smell and product names. Our customers were concerned pigments would give unwanted tones.  Although all pigments rinsed out and/or disappeared once emulsified in your hands we took that concern seriously making improvements.

2). New Bottle Caps.

– Our customers wanted more control over the pour and at best minimize an unwanted spill. We heard you! Check out those new bottle caps which dispense the right amount to your hands.

3). More Vitamins.

– We “umped” the vitamins for added protection. Yes, in truth hair is dead. Just because it’s dead doesn’t mean it has to look dead! Being in the industry I see many problems which hairs face so added protection was a “no-brainer”.  We are obsessed with achieving the best-looking, shiny hair in its state.

4). Sexy New Labels.

-Our product is named SASS for many reasons, including to achieve sassy, sexy hair. So of course we extended the sassiness to our labels. In fairness, let’s go back to update #1-removed pigments. We changed our labels to reflect SASS Everyday Hair Elixir’s categories with smell now that pigments are gone. We achieved a smarter and healthier way to recognize our 6 Elixirs.

Let’s us know what you think and spread the word!

We wish you infinite boutique hair enjoyment from this day forward.


Eva Simone-Founder of SHEVA.NYC


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