Beginner’s Guide To Appreciating Hair Oil

There’s a hair oil obsession blanketing the country and for good reason. Hair oils are “liquid gold” when used correctly. A few drops can instantly improve the look of dry, dull hair without losing hair’s natural body. No longer are we only using hair oils to tame frizzy, thick hair but instead reaping amazing benefits on all hair types.

Consider rethinking any inhibitions you’ve had in the past. Do you know why? It’s simple– you weren’t educated on proper use. 

Let’s raise the hair bar today.

Expect hair oils to enhance luster and boost incredible shine to your lovely locks. Luxurious oils are pack with fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E which improves hair elasticity and in return lower the chance of hair breaking. A win-win for sure!

Enjoy These 5 Ways To Use Hair Oil Immediately:

Infused With Conditioners.

We beauty professionals love the idea of adding a few drops of elixir to your already purchased conditioners. Not only are you benefiting from calmed, smooth cuticles but you are getting an extra protective barrier against future damage. Pat yourself on the back, you have just made a triple shield do it yourself concoction right in your home. 

As A Daily Elixir. 

Shine booster here you come! Did we mention “liquid gold”? A few drops daily on parched hair ends will replenish dry hair and add life to any dull hairs or hairstyle. Our hair dries out quicker than you can imagine with the elements just like our skin. Dry, brittle hair responds immediately from a light coat of your favorite oil. 

A Deep Warm Oil Treatment Before Shampoo.

Hair oiling is a well kept secret. Ever dipped your hands in a warm paraffin wax? Your hands feel absolutely delicious after!  Well, warm hair oiling have the same hydrating abilities. According to a New York City hairstylists, “Hair oiling before a shampoo is a spa treatment for your hair. Consider this time relaxing ‘you’ time. Relax and let your hair be pre-treated to a luxury hair oil bath”. 

Extend A Hair Trim By A Week Or Two.

Hate to get your haircut? Around week 4 of a 6 week haircut regimen protect hair ends with a few drops of hair elixir. Not only are you protecting hair prone to quickest damage–hair ends, you are keeping your ends looking healthy and strong. This tip can extend your haircut by a few additional weeks and help keep thinner ends full like mid-shaft hair. 

Soften And Hydrate Hard Brittle Hair.

Hair can potentially become hard from everyday shampoos, gels and sprays without ample replenishing of natural oils. In such cases hair shows signs of brittleness and crunchy strands.  Why? Well, buildup occurs when hair is unable to receive and sustain moisture. A sign of hair needing additional hydration is crunchy to touch. 

Raise the bar and enjoy more from your hair oils.

Bust those old myths! No longer should hair be greased down or greasy looking. Absorbent oils are challenging the “old-back-in-the-day” chatter about hair types and textures. 


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