Is It Okay To Put Leave In Conditioner On Dry Hair?

If hair is longer than 1 inch I recommend other styling products such as oils and pomades to calm dry hair.

Let’s explain more…

In general there are two consistencies in stores people are fans of : creamy leave-in conditioner and liquid-detangling leave-in conditioner.

Why would you use creamy leave-in conditioners?

Use creamy leave-in conditioners when hair frizzes excessively. Medium to thick frizzy hair can handle extra weight and control a creamy leave-in gives.

Struggling with aggravating tangles?

Liquid-detangling leave-ins are the go to for tangles. This type of conditioner is light and airy with enough coat allowing tangles to ease and release additional knots. All types of hair will benefits using detangling leave-ins when tangles are present.

Thus far both types work bests on clean wet hair otherwise leave-in conditioners on dry hair can feel gooey.

Once hair has dried it’s difficult for conditioners to penetrate accurately.


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