Will I Get Cancer If I Die My Hair From Dark To Light Brown?

What makes you uncomfortable? Are you nervous because you are noticing skin irritations?

There are known carcinogens in many products including hair chemicals. When we (professionals) or the consumer use hair color, the instructions are to apply away from scalp sometimes as far as a half inch making sure the scalp’s skin remains healthy. Quite difficult to cover newly grown hair when hair grows from the scalp outwards usually at the rate of a half inch per month. While it makes sense in theory, these directions don’t offer the best coverage.

I’m frustrated by it for sure. We professionals’ are affected by fumes and exposure to chemicals and for some, chemicals services are their mainstream income.

I recommend spacing chemical services out if you are accustomed to getting them or finding a method where you are lowering your exposure if you are unsure.

Such a shame we have to even address this issue we need our hair and health for the long term.


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