Why Is My Hair So Dry?

Working with a new client today made me realize how dry hair plagues so many. “What is dry hair” she asked? Unsure whether to go easy on her or just tell her everything I knew about dry hair or how we contribute to it with our day to day and month to month regimens, so I spilled the beans. In this case her dry hair was induced by heavy blonde highlights and haphazardly covering with a flat brown color which accented her unwanted dry tones. Glossing or covering dry hair helps for sure but remember it’s a cosmetic band-aid. Healthy hair starts with a healthy regimen with the customer in mind. It’s a harmonic dance between the love of self and understanding what your hair truly craves. I know it’s easy to get pulled into a style a celebrity has but are you asking yourself the #1 question, can my hair support this process? That question is the conversation starter to keeping hair healthy.

Our solution: a trim to remove over processed hair ends and started her on an at home hair treatment of oils and deep conditioners.


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