SASS VA-VA VOOM Everyday Manscaping

We’ve studied your uniqueness, your manliness and just as important those who are intimate with you therefore we are not shy about it, we present to you VA-VA Voom for men.

Va-Va Voom, a multi-functional product created in one bottle enhances confidence and masculinity.

We understand what it takes to be a man on the move, conquering the world, and when you feel good in your skin you are unstoppable.

Allow Va-Va Voom to assist in beard growth, moisturize and tame facial hairs, enhance your smell, mask unwanted scents, improve below the waist attraction, boosts passion, oil pubic skin and pubic hairs and be your go to all over body oil .

Va-Va Voom is a lightly scented manscaping body oil with mystery notes stamped with your partner’s approval in mind.

Yes my friends, our secret formula compacted in a 2 oz bottle allows you to be the man that you are.

Va-Va Voom to you!


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