The Top “Chill Your Nerves” Simple Success Tips For DIY Haircuts

So if you are wondering whether to purchase a pair of scissors or clippers to engage in a few strategic snips here and there freshening up those ends, the answer is yes!

Who doesn’t want to look more polished- for yourself and on those ZOOM calls? No worries, it’s just a few snips. That means no irrational chopping or new bangs or heck, a full new mullet. NO! Back away from those thoughts.

I want to calm your nerves, a few snips here and there actually will improve your esteem during these extraordinary times. Besides, that’s one thing you can control until you get to a professional. Believe it or not, it can be fun!

I get it, you’ve never cut your own hair or a family members’ hair so it seems foreign. I’m not expecting you to cut hair like a professional but instead snip your ends or clean bushy, fluffy sections.

Ok, ready? You’ve got this!

So let’s mentally prepare what is needed (btw: recommendations below I make zero dollars on):

Mentally prepare. Start off by setting yourself up for success. Determine a time when you it works for you. No rushing. Plan in advance what you will need: mirror, comb, clips if you have lots of hair, clippers, haircutting cap or towel. Turn on your favorite music and think through it. Think about things you remember your beauty professional using and discussing.

You will need scissors. I recommend a simple, inexpensive pair between $15 and $30.

Clippers: You will find these clippers helpful for short trims.

Hair clips: Sometimes hair doesn’t stay were you put it, consider these to secure hair in place when needed.

So, the #1 thing needed to successfully complete a DIY haircut is WILL and the #2 thing needed is PATIENCE. Hair does grow back so let’s start there. By the time salons are reopened you will have needed to only cut 1/4 to 3/4 inches of hair off. That’s really manageable for DIY hair snips.

What do you think? I say go for it!

These videos below along with my services will help.

How To Cut Your Own Hair Straight

Quick and Easy Haircutting For Men

DIY: Soft Long Layered Haircut

How I Trim My Curly Hair

Wishing you health and peace,

Eva Simone

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