Is It True Keeping Hair Trimmed Prevents It From Thinning And Breaking?

Let’s chat hair breakage versus hair thinning. 

Breakage can be noticed when hair chemicals cause a melting action in the internal structure of hair, I refer to this as a “chemical haircut”. The best way to describe chemical breakage is melting weak and in cases strong hair. We easily see this type of breakage after strong hair colors, perms, high-lift beaches and permanent relaxers. Another simpler, yet frustrating type of breakage is from split hair ends. This type can be controlled by trimming enough hair removing damaged, crunchy ends. Strategically removing split ends will prevent further breakage. The keyword is “enough”. 

Ugh, thinning. Hair thinning occurs when our hairs’ natural growth cycle slows. Under normal circumstances we can expect hair to grow, to fallout, and to replace itself with new hairs. When our hairs’ growth cycle slows or stops, visually we start to see (not always immediate) areas are thinner and in some instances absent of hair, this more extreme case is commonly known as balding.

Hope this helps, I am here to help you learn and correct more issues with your hair. 




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