Why Does My Hair Feel And Look Dirty After Shampooing It?

Let’s see if we can get to the root of the issue. A vigorous shampoo with successful rinsing usually does the job removing debris or buildup from hair, when it doesn’t consider these ways to remedy it.

The top 4 ways to be a “rockstar” each time you cleanse your scalp and hair:

Proper shampooing.

A problem, we don’t know how to cleanse the hair properly. Grabbing a dollop of shampoo and smushing on hair doesn’t quite do your strands justice. While strands pick up debris, sprays, oil, products, etc. the scalp is where the action should start. Follow these simple steps when cleansing hair.

-Prep hair with a 1 to 2-minute warm rinse. Rinsing starts cleansing process by loosening debris.

-Add a dollop shampoo to your hands. Rub hands/fingers together first, then immediately apply to scalp. Cleansing your scalp as your starting point makes way for cleaner hair. Many assume the actual hair is the starting problem, but it’s the scalp’s buildup causing issues.

-Side note-If you are feeling dirty after a shampoo, it’s highly possible the wrong type of shampoo is used. An example of the wrong shampoo with the wrong hair type would be, fine hair being shampooed with an extra conditioning shampoo. Results are guaranteed to turn greasy within minutes, and on a good day may feel clean for a few hours. So, the lesson here is to select the correct shampoo for hair type.

-Rinse with warm water until bubbles/suds are gone, and water runs clear.

-Shampoo again if needed.

Know when to use a clarifier.

Clarifying products (clarifying shampoos, Dawn dish detergent or baking soda) are your friend when routine cleaning doesn’t suffice. You have to bring out the big guns sometimes. What that means is you can’t get old buildup out of hair and scalp with an essential, regular shampoo. You must remove it or your hair will continually be dirty. This buildup is caused by heavy gels, overuse of hair sprays, or any product leaving visible remnants on hair.

Determine how quickly your scalp’s sebaceous gland produces sebum.

A common question I get is “how often should I shampoo”? The answer is as often as necessary. If you have dry scalp and dry hair, daily shampooing is a flat-out no. If you have fine, limp hair and gym time is a priority daily shampooing should be on your radar. Your scalp is the boss; an overactive sebaceous gland will produce a lot of sebum and that should be your determiner. Is that good? Well, it depends on if you feel and look dirty a few hours after a shampoo.

To condition or not condition.

My rule for thought is, if you can’t get a comb through your hair after it’s been shampooed then condition it.

Hope this helps. We are here to help you solve your hair issues.



Photo credit: Pixabay


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