If People Lose 50-100 Pieces Of Hair A Day, How Do We Not Go Bald Eventually?

According to theory (and I do question theory), 50 to 100 plus strands are labeled as “normal” hair shedding. Scary to see that many strands in your combs, brushes, floor, shower, your sweater, etc, right? Right. The good news is as long as the bulb (papilla) isn’t damaged or dead those 50 to 100 strands mean you are experiencing a normal natural life cycle of hairs growing, falling, and replacing itself.

The bad news is the papilla is vital for hair growth so if it’s damaged you will start to see white dots on strands. Remember hair health starts below your scalp in the hair follicle. Nourishment happens in the follicle. So crappy insides will start to yield crappy hair production. In such cases, hair products will only be a band-aid and a false fix.


As we mature those 50–100 strands start to become more noticeable as the growth cycle slows. Always adjust your hair routines as your hairs’ life cycle changes. Meaning if combing forces more hair loss consider using your fingers as a comb instead. 

Your hair is talking to you, listen to it, and adjust. 

A Sign Of Balding.

Back to your question, if people lose 50–100 strands per day, how do we not go bald eventually? You can go bald but not from normal hair shedding. 

Alopecia is a form of balding. It is an immune issue attacking hair follicles. Alopeica areata, a common type, is hair loss in small shiny patches (circles). Good news, hair will grow back if treated promptly.


Eva Simone

Photo Credit: Engin_Akyurt at Pixabay


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