Why Is My Hair Healthier At The Bottom Underneath, But Drier And Damaged At The Top?

Hair is healthiest at the bottom (above the nape area). This bottom section is not exposed to the elements and manipulated (heavily) like other areas of the head. Think about it, what happens to natural hair color if you’re strolling outside or lounging at the beach without a hat? In all cases, hair becomes lighter and drier from sun exposure. The crown, fringe, and temple area hairs are most exposed resulting in most damage. A sign of damaged hair is dry, crunchy brittle sections on the hair strand. Healthy hair behaves differently when it’s protected and covered. Bottom hair gets its protection naturally based on its position on the skull’s structure. In this case, the occipital bone position keeps this area protected. I call this area the awning.

Photo Credit:Clker-Free-Vector-Images at Pixabay


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